How to Become a welder with no experience

You may think of being a welder at a tinder age or changing your profession when you don’t like your running job. Become a welder with no experience; it may sound surprising to you, but it’s possible.

Do you know how to become a welder within a short time with no experience? You need to follow some steps and instructions for that. You can also enroll in short term welding courses and start a job as a welder.

However, you should also know about welding, welding schools, job opportunities around you, your minimum age for welding, initial job salary etc. Let me show you the path of being a welder.

Know What Is Welding 

Welding is a profession where you need to work with metals and thermoplastics; you need to either cut, melt or solid them. I would suggest you use safety kits while welding because you need to deal with various electric devices.

There are different types of welding jobs for you; learn the specific job you find suitable. Some welding types are:

  • MIG or Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • TIG or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
  • FCAW or Flux Cored Arc Welding
  • SMAW or Shielded Metal Arc Welding

You can learn either of them or each of them if you want to build up your career. The more you will learn, the brighter your career will be as a welder.

6 Steps of Being a New Welder 

Step 1 – Find a Welding School Near You

The best way to get into welding is by finding a renowned welding training center near you. You cannot be a good welder alone; you will need proper training and guidance for that. A renowned training center will surely provide you the necessary services.

If you’re confused about enrolling in a welding course, attend some free welding training programs. The free training will help you to develop the primary skills needed to be a welder.

If you’re determined to be a welder, you should start it from school life; you can have training besides your studies.

Step 2Select a Suitable Welding Sector for You

There are multiple sectors in welding jobs; you have to select one discipline for you first. Moreover, you will need certifications to build up your career in that particular sector.

For instance, the underwater welders need different degrees in welding from the outer space welders. So, when you’ve decided to get into a specific welding job, check the necessary welding certification list.

You should then start learning to weld and obtain the necessary degrees to move forward in your welding career.

Step 3Obtain Welding Degrees

Many training centers around you are offering either free or less expensive welding courses; find them out. Many companies and agencies may offer you jobs as a fresher; you can become a welder with no experience. But they will never hire an unqualified welder.

For example, you can’t be a welding inspector or a pipe welder without being certified. Usually, the welding short courses last for 6 to 12 months. It would be comfortable for you to complete those besides your academic studies.

Step 4Look for a Suitable Welding Job

Now, when you’ve selected your sector and obtained degrees, you should look for a job. You must be thinking about who will hire you without any working experience. Much to your surprise, there are training centers that have jobs for welding students.

Your welding school may have an internship or temporary job opportunity for you; don’t be late and grab your opportunity. Some agencies offer jobs for new-comers to make them more skilled.

Step 5Work More for Better Welding Experience 

Only obtaining degrees or internships will not be enough; you should keep working to be more expert in welding. Moreover, your experience will get you a higher salary job; that’s why practice is essential.

The more you’ll handle the equipment and face a situation, and you’ll be more skilled. If you want, you may also work as a welding trainer in the future.

Step 6Know How Long Is Welding School

If you’re a student and thinking who will hire you, or how would you manage your time, don’t worry. There are welding jobs for highschool students as well; you can do it as a part-time job after school.

It takes around two hours in each welding class; it’s not going to be a waste of time for you. Moreover, you can manage your time of practice, study and other daily tasks.


How Much Will Be My Entry-level Welding Jobs Salary?

When you enter a job, you expect an excellent salary to lead a decent life, don’t you? If you’re a certified and qualified welder, your annual entry-level salary would be around $31,000. The yearly amount varies due to the differences in welding jobs.

Some surveys show that the lowest annual salary is $27,000 and the highest salary is $42,000. These amounts are not that bad as a new welder; be a certified welder for better payment.

How Long It Will Take for Each Certification?

The primary welding courses take at least 3-4 weeks to complete; the complicated certificate course is more long-lasting. It will take 6 to 8 months; so, you don’t need to wait for years to be a professional welder.

If you take proper training in MIG welding or TIG welding, one day you may be the best MIG welder or the best TIG welder.

How to Find Paid Welding Apprenticeship Near Me?

Your first target should be to find a training center that provides welding apprenticeship at a low budget. Search on the Internet to look for the best local welding courses; you may search by state or city.

When you have multiple choice in front of you, it would be difficult for you to choose the best welding school. Compare among those centers and decide where you would enroll.

Final Verdict 

Welding is a demanding profession now, so don’t have any doubt in your mind about it. If you choose the right sector and put enough effort, you can become a welder with no experience.

The way to be a welder is not as complicated as being a lawyer, doctor or engineer. Please don’t underestimate this profession because it has the equal status of a high-profile job.

If you’re determined to be a part of the welding adventure, follow the necessary five steps and establish yourself as a welder.

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