Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw Review 2021 – Read This Before You Buy

Would You Like to Know about Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw Review? 

Dewalt tools are leading items in the marketplace, & one series has multiple models; it’s important to know about them. Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw review should be another important tool, which you should know from this article.

The article will let you know the features, details, pros, & cons of the best-selling product from the Dewalt brand, including some buyers guide & public impression.

What Are the Product’s Details: Dewalt Miter Saw DW713 

The miter saws are available in both yellow & black color; the cutter is 10-inches & it’s lightweight, besides being the plug-in system. However, the corded miter saw has a 15 Amp & 120V motor which delivers you the desired performance.

The plates & metal parts are made of stainless steel; the speed is almost 5000 rpm which makes your work done faster & smoother. Dewalt DW713 dimensions are 19, 23.8, & 17 inches that indicate the size is moderate, making it lightweight.

Let’s find out some more features of the 35 pounds drill & cut machine; the features are given below:


  1. It has 11-stops on different points which makes the plates adjustable & its cam-lock miter handle is adjustable, making it more flexible.
  2. The miter saw has a long-durable blade, a wrench for it, & a dust bag; therefore, it must not be messy when one cuts anything around.
  3. It also features the crown molding & base molding cut with a tall fence, which many miter saws don’t have.
  4. The 10-inches blade is attached to the 5/8” arbor; the size is standard for this model.
  5. 10 Dewalt miter saw has a dual bevel; the left one rotates from 0° to 48° & the right one rotates from 0° to 3°. 
  6. Both left & right miters rotate from 0° to 50° leading it cut to a wide extent; moreover, the cuts seem to be even.
  7. The 110 VAC plug-in Dewalt 713 has 4.5 inches vertical nested cut capacity & you will surely have the least breakage.

You may have known about the preliminary features of the tool; the company has worked a lot to make it better because it launched an advanced version of this model after 2012.

Now, you may ask why would you choose this miter saw over others, or you may even want to know about the drawbacks. Let’s see the pros & cons of DW713 Dewalt below briefly; you can decide the rest by yourself:


  • The model is easy to use & you don’t need to be an expert to operate the Dewalt 713 miter saw.
  • It’s affordable for all; which seems to be okay for the maximum number of people.
  • It’s lightweight, making the tool healthy to hold or lift for people from different age groups.
  • It’s easy to set up & you won’t have to spend much time fixing the parts of your miter saw.
  • The tall fence gives an extra advantage while cutting anything with the 12-inch Dewalt miter saw.
  • The saw blades & perfect fence support make sure that the cuts are fine & accurate.
  • You won’t have any safety issues while handling the DW713 but you must wear some safety items during the miter saw is on.


  • The packaging is not perfect; the company should focus more on the box & the arrangements of parts.
  • Sometimes the metal they use besides stainless steel is not a high-quality one.
  • The model miter saw doesn’t contain the laser guide.

Public Review on Dewalt DW713

Most of the people (83%) rated the Dewalt DW713 miter saw with 5 stars; 11% of consumers rated it 4-stars. The professional & regular users rated it 5-stars, but the hobbyists & weekend workers rated it 4-stars; it rarely has a negative review.

Some users have shared their experiences & mentioned the blades’ & fence’s are the best parts; the maximum woodworkers found it user-friendly. Moreover, the DW713 miter saw is durable & strong enough with a fine tooth.

Our top contributor Rick said he has used many miter saws in his career, but it’s the best for him. He said that it’s worth it despite being slightly costly & most effective on straight & curve cuts.

Moreover, the product comes with a relatively good warranty & performance than similar-priced saws, according to the maximum users.

Buyers Guide 

Let’s list up the things you should notice while buying a high-quality miter saw from a store or online:

  1. First of all, you have to check the manufacturing style of the tool because the resonance, frequency, & vibration depends much on the style. Please remember that blades with hard slab & laser cuts perform the best as a miter saw.
  2. Secondly, you must check the tooth count though many experts find it unnecessary while buying a miter saw. Saws with bigger & fewer teeth may cut a surface rough, or tear it; on the other hand, small & dense teethed saws can give you fine cuts.
  3. Hook angle is another thing to check because the wood & blade’s attachment & perfect rotation have relations with it. For instance, positive hook angles make the blades bite the wood more firmly & tear the parts correctly with each rotation.
  4. Tooth geometry is another factor affecting the miter saw’s performance & cutting flow on woods, plastics, & some metals; TCG (triple chip grind) is more preferable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Best Brand of Miter Saw? 

Dewalt & Metabo are the best brands for manufacturing miter saws for professionals, experts, & beginners; they all are affordable & user-friendly.

What Is the Best Dewalt Miter Saw? 

The Dewalt DW717 10-inches dual bevel miter saw is the best of all models from the brand; the public has rated it the most, & DW713 comes in the 2nd position.

Should I Get 10 or 12 Miter Saw?

I would suggest getting a 10 miter saw because it’s lightweight, spins faster, & cheaper; on the other hand, the 12-inch miter saw is heavier & moves slower, besides being costly. 

Will a 10 Miter Saw Cut a 4×4? 

A 10-inches miter saw can easily cut a 4×4 in one or two steps; you have to learn the procedure from the manual.

Final Verdict  

All I have to say is you will find an excellent tool if you go through the Dewalt DW713 miter saw review & know its features. However, please make sure that the provider has put the instruction manual there & you have read it well before using it

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