Makita LS1018 Review of 2021- 10″ Dual Slide Miter Saw

Of 2021, the best Makita ls1018 review with 10″ Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw for your satisfaction and describes its effectiveness as accurate and reliable. Makita LS 1018 is a very new brand as an electric saw. Many companies nowadays provide high-quality models to the customers. 

However, not all saws are suitable. First, we need to focus on the power of the engine. The reason for the popularity of Makita has been engineered with a focus on accuracy and portability. The innovative linear ball bearing system was designed to aid in precision and lightweight design; this meter provides taxable performance and convenient portability.

Makita LS1018 Review for an excellent offer

The miter saw makes a lot of work easy and comfortable comparatively. It can be taken on the job site for multiple projects or used at home. Features sometimes become essential to the user depending on the type of work and user projects. At affordable prices, Makita makes a standard model for a variety of tasks. Read the Makita LS 1018m review.

Details of this product

It’s a bit pricey in the middle of the road, so it has to pay affordable dollars. However, it still includes the excellent cutting ability and a professional-grade build-quality MFR warranty. For most baseboards, crown molding, wide board crosscutting, framing, deck building, etc., everything needs to be handled with a standard dimensional cut.

 You will expect the main features from this class of saw are that it is lighter weight than others. It adds friendship to its worksite. It has gone beyond its miter power value; it is a dual bevel, which means you can change the blade’s angle instead of flipping the workpiece. Contractors love this feature. 


  • The robust 13.0 AMP direct drive motor, therefore, requires no major maintenance and delivers 4,300 RMP.
  • A positive stop of 0 degrees to 47 degrees left and 0 degrees to 60 degrees right and 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 31.6 degrees, 45 degrees (left and right) has of this miter saw.
  • It remains Up to 12 inches at 90 degrees and 8 to 1/2 degrees at 45 degrees, arbor 5/8 inches, linear ball bearing arrangement for accurate cutting.
  • The rear handle bevel lock is easily accessible and adjusts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees (left and right) to 0 degrees with a positive stop at 45 degrees (left and right)
  • The rear handle bevel lock can easily access and compatible with positive stops from 0% to 45 (left and right) to 0% to 45 (left and right)
  • These include blades, whips, triangular rules, dust bags, extension wings, and wrenches. Maximum cutting capacity is 90 degree meters = 3 to 5/8 x 12″


  • Can be easily carried for low weight.
  • This allows the equipment to be replaced or returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • Very accurate & smoothly cut for the entire sliding action.
  • Warranty for one year.
  • 10″ blade included.


  • Missing laser guide for fast cutting.

Buying guideline 

Before buying any product, you must be sure about your over-buying guidelines. There is no exception. And so some of the following you must review.


Most of the people who have used this work are satisfied and generally describe their performance as accurate and reliable. Reliable precision mixed with a relatively impressive cut concept from 45 90 to 90 ° and 8-1 / 2″ to 12 up creates a valuable combination.


The Makita LS1018 sports a direct drive motor with a soft start. Without a belt slip or brake and such a smooth start, you will be able to expect this saw 13 amp motor to survive.


If it is not in your favor after purchase, Makita provides a satisfaction guarantee to buyers within 30 days. Moreover, if any unexpected event occurs and you see any mechanical problem with LS 1018, Makita provides a one-year general warranty. Authorized service centers are easy to find because there are numerous locations throughout Makita.


Since it was used as a dual bevel, you can make left and right wave waves from 45, although I prefer the slightly extended bevel range, 47, however, 45 is the industry standard, and it will take care of 95% of most people

The meter angle has all the standard positive stop detectors for quick setup and has improved repeatability with your cuts. You can adjust the angle of this saw meter 47 to the left and 60 to the right. These should allow you to achieve the best ranges and the kind of miter you need.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does the cut have accuracy? 

Many complain after buying equipment from different brands that they are not cutting correctly, but the Makita LS1018 review is the opposite. The reason for its popularity is that it can be easily and accurately cut without any hassle. As a result, most people like it.

Have a problem carrying it?

No, because it weighs just 43.7 pounds and is very easy to carry. Due to the lightweight, it can easily and safely take to the site of action.

When you remove the arms that support the fence and materials, this item weighs less than 40 pounds. Safety Because of this protection, many bend heads are bent, and the wall forgets to slide backward.

To Summarize

The LS1018 is something to think about if your projects can cut a wide range of dual bevel meter shears while maintaining precision and mobility. It is a type of miter arrow that can be effective for blanks, general construction, and much more.

We hope this can be a reasonable investment for any woodworking based on its percentage. It is heavy-duty, which provides you with a solid base that will ensure longevity. However, Makita LS1018 Review also retains the lightweight feature and will enable contract workers to use it. 

Additional ergonomic features add to how easy it is to use and ensure that you also optimize your woodwork. 

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