Is Welding Bad for Your Eyes and How to Protect?

When it comes to welding, the most frequently asked question among welders is, “is welding bad for your eyes?” Moreover, some feel worried about how it can affect the eyes and how to get rid of it. Luckily, we have got all the proper answers in this article.

While many welders only cause eye strain, some take it to the extreme that leads to blindness. However, these worse situations are quite preventable. In this guide, we have covered a list of effects caused during welding, some effective tips to avoid those painful injuries, and other relevant info. So before starting your next welding project, let’s read the guide carefully and ensure a safer performance.

Is Welding Bad For Your Eyes?

Yes, welding can cause enough damage to the eye and vision. Fumes, IR and UV radiation, and flying metal sparks produced by welding that can hurt your eyes badly. However, wearing protective gear can reduce the possibility of getting hurt. While eye injuries are the most common problem among welders, the fact is they can be prevented in the first place.

Why is welding light bad for your eyes?

Welding absorbs radiation from the light that is formed at the tip of the electrode. Though it seems just an extreme light source, this light carries radiation such as infrared, ultraviolet, and other visible spectrum radiation. Some of these can reach the retina, which is extremely harmful to the naked eye.

Types of eye injuries related to welding

However, infrared rays aren’t very dangerous, but UV rays can significantly damage the eye. UV radiation can get absorbed in the eye lens and cornea that leads to swollen and painful eyes.

Unfortunately, if you continue exposing your eyes to UV radiation, they can end up yellowing eventually. The situation will get worse while you struggle with contrast in your eye. As a result, it will have long-term effects on the eye.

Arc Eye

Arc eye is just a swelling of the tissue over the cornea. UV radiation can cause this thin tissue and hurt the ocular surface. Excessive watering, a gritty feeling in the eye, and pain when looking at bright lights are all symptoms of arc eye. It can also cause swelling and blurred vision of the eyes.

The bright light produced by welding can blind your eye temporarily. Don’t expect to see these symptoms for several hours as there is a high chance of UV light affecting your eyes.

Blue light hazard

Visible light can damage the retina, which is known as a blue light hazard. Electromagnetic radiation with 400 to 500 nm wavelengths can do some serious damage to the retina. It can cause short-term or long-term injury to the retina, therefore leading to blindness.

Macular degeneration and cataracts

Macular degeneration and cataracts are among the long-term effects caused on the eye during welding. The welder who gets exposed to UV light for a longer period is often affected by this problem. The younger welder who gets exposed to UV rays continuously might have age-related macular degeneration.

Conversely, cataracts also occur because of welding. A cloud attacks the lenses of the eye and blocks vision. However, it is preventable; it can bring the change of blindness due to the lack of medical attention.

Some crucial Tips to Protect Your Eyes When Welding ( Welding effect on eyes solution)

Once you know how welding can damage the eyes, it’s time to get prepared to prevent these situations. Following the section, we will discuss the best way to protect the eyes during welding.

Use Proper Eye Protection Equipment

There is some safety equipment that can keep the welder safe, including a welder jacket, helmet, and leather boots.

Wearing a decent helmet will be the right decision if you need to do welding for a long time. Goggles are insufficient for proper eye protection. Some helmets feature auto-dimming that automatically darkens the visor while noticing the bright flash of arc welding. Choose a convenient helmet that will provide you with a comfortable welding season while protecting your eyes. I highly recommend choosing Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet since it is budget-friendly, comes from respected brands, and comfortable to wear for a long time.

In contrast, if sufficient funds are available, the welder can select a special welding mask to provide UV ray protection. These are cheaper and still protect the eye superior to goggles.

Welding Eye Problem Solution (FAQs)

Is welding light bad for your eyes?

Most of the types of welding generate visible spectrum, UV, and infrared radiation. Welding reflected light also carries radiation which can do enough damage to the eye. UV radiation can get absorbed in the cornea and lens, which can lead to swollen and painful eyes.

How far away from the welder can the eyes be harmed?

During the welding, the welder isn’t the only person at risk. The welding arc is the main source of UV radiation which can cause the eye to injure other workers as far as 50 feet away.

Can you go blind from welding?

Due to the lack of protection, welders commonly suffer from photokeratitis or welder flash caused by exposure to intense UV radiation. Furthermore, these can lead to extremely painful eyes and temporary blindness. Lacking treatment properly can cause enduring blindness.

Final verdict

Don’t be lazy or cheap while it is related to welding. The question “is welding bad for your eyes” should be asked before starting the operation, so you can get enough protection. Yes, welding can do sufficient damage to the eye if you don’t maintain proper safety rules before doing any type of welding. Plus, ensure proper use of your ventilation to avoid injury. Inadequate protection or doing things in a hurry can keep you away from work for a week or even permanently.

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