10 Best Work Light For Welding Reviews Guide

Lighting up a welding workshop or welded area is crucial while it s subject to safety and quality welding. Decorating the area with work light is a pretty decent idea before continuing the risky job. But the reliable service and comfortable lighting environment depend on choosing the best work light for welding. That’s why we come out with this article.

Using work light while welding will not only maintain a safe working season but also a confident welding job. While welding is related to dangerous electricity, the welder should be aware of the environment around him. Some work light comes in a portable and adjustable design to help set the light on the desired angle.

However, among a huge options, it’s tricky to find the most preferred work light that fits in the budget and ensures reliable and considerable service. Luckily we made a list of top work light that has covered all the feature needed for welder and surprisingly fits in the budget. Moreover, we have shared a good research buying guide so the DIY guy can make an informed final call.

Comparison chart- Best Work Light for Welding

Before check out the full review let’s have a look at some key features of each work light recommended for welding:

Image Product Key Features Price
backpac LUTEC 6290Pro Dual-Head LED Work Light for Welding • With 9,000 Lumens provide high-intensity light.
• Design with tough grade die-cast aluminum housing.
• Includes 8 ft. power cord and allows to adjust the height.
• 3-year warranty provided.
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backpac VonHaus Two-Head LED Work Light • generates an output of 10000 Lumens.
• comes with waterproof sealed die-cast aluminum housing.
• includes adjustable 80″ max height telescopic aluminum tripod legs.
• foldable and easy to store.
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cordlessblower Cordless FREELICHT LED Construction String Light for Welding lower provides 7150LM light.
• has an anti-glare cover to protect the welder’s eyes.
• Easy Installation and Linkable Design.
• offer 5 years warranty.
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cordlessblower Cordless Coquimbo LED Work Light • provides multi-angle illumination.
• includes 18650 rechargeable battery.
• Compact and Reliable design.
• Offer 360 Lumens with three lighting modes.
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cordlessblower PowerSmith PWL110S Portable Work Light for Welding • Provide 1, 080 Lumen bright.
• Includes Adjustable Extra-Large Metal Hook.
• Design with Fully Adjustable 360° Tilting Head.
• Offer 2 years warranty.
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cordlessblower FREELICHT Linkable LED Utility Shop Light • Offer 4000 lumens light.
• Extremely easy to install and use.
• Linkable LED Utility Shop Lights.
• Includes 5 years warranty.
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cordlessblower HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light for Welding Offer massive 21,000 lumens light.
• 3-minute installation process.
• water-resistant and dustproof design.
• lightweight, low profile, and unique design.
• includes a 5-year warranty.
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cordlessblower ELIVERN LED Garage Lights for Welding Workshop • Made of four adjustable aluminum heads.
• Quick and simple installation.
• 10000LM light.
• 360° Illumination Range.
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cordlessblower DEWALT LED Work Light • Durable impact-resistant design.
• weather and dust resistance ability.
• LED portable work light.
• Produces up to 5000 lumens of natural white light.
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cordlessblower Steck Manufacturing Mig Light for Welding • Greatly Allows lighting the area to be welded.
• Includes easy to push on/off button.
• Ideal for close-up light.
• Effortless to use.
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1. LUTEC 6290Pro Dual-Head LED Work Light for Welding

LED Work Light for Welding

With 9,000 Lumens and a user-friendly design, this LUTEC 6290Pro Work Light is probably the best work light for welding on the market. directly out of the package, the buyer will have a massive 9,000 Lumens Dual-Head LED Work Light. It will be so bright that the welder will be able to see it in great detail.

It has a heavy-duty, professional-grade die-cast aluminum housing that ensures longevity and durability, making it an investment worth making. Even the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty and dependable customer service while charging a reasonable price for their product.

The downside of this work light is that its handle is a bit weak and you can not run the light separately. So, carefully rotate the light and it may offer brightness to the small welding shop.

Highlight features:

• With an 8 ft. power cord and a highly adjustable design, this work light will be a convenience to users.
• It’s a waterproof LED work light that is suitable for any outdoor project.
• design with a multiple groove shape on the backside to increase air contact area and speed heat dissipation.


It’s a portable LED work light that comes with a flexible and foldable design. Furthermore, the work light comes with a long warranty and is reasonably priced.


The handle of the work light is a bit weak and it may be slightly difficult to rotate for the first few timers.

2. VonHaus Two-Head LED Work Light

VonHaus Two-Head LED Work Light

If you are looking for the best lights for welding at a large project and don’t want to spend more, then try this VonHaus Two-Head LED Work Light. A combination of 10000 Lumens and an affordable cost makes this LED work light suitable for a larger welding project. Moreover, it features a water-resistant design, so the welder can continue the welding job in poor weather. With an 8.2Ft Power Cord and Rotating Waterproof Lamps, this working light will ensure ease of use and a comfortable welding season.

The drawback of this work light is that it doesn’t have a power switch. So you will need to plug in and off every time you run or off it.

Highlight features

• design with a waterproof sealed die-cast aluminum housing, making it ideal for rough conditions.
• It comes with extra-height telescopic aluminum tripod legs that can be adjusted to get the desired light.
• It’s a foldable work light that can be set up faster and stored more easily.


This work light is lightweight and comes with a compact and strong design. Besides, it offers extra brightness while being available at a considerably low cost.


The manufacturer doesn’t offer a warranty and it doesn’t have a power switch.

3. FREELICHT LED Construction String Light for Welding

FREELICHT LED Construction String Light for Welding

If you are planning on having stable lighting on your construction and welding site at an affordable cost, then this FREELICHT LED Construction String Light will be a reliable option for you. This construction string light has 5 LED light heads and will cover more than 50 feet in length, providing a brighter light at the welding site, garage, and construction site.

Furthermore, the light comes with a mesh cover to keep it from scratching and breaking. Even though the work light is reasonably priced, it includes an impressive 5-year warranty.

These LED work lights won’t be suitable for outdoor use and won’t allow transport from site to site easily.

Highlight features

• With an anti-glare cover, these lights will protect the welder’s eyes while the plastic mesh cover prevents them from scratching and falling.
• It is designed with a soft rubber connector and a waterproof cover to ensure worry-free heavy-duty use.
• Construct with Linkable Design and allow to install and remove easily.


This work light is a budget-friendly option while offering reliable service and brighter light. Plus, it’s a waterproof and commercial-grade work light that is ideal for a variety of uses.


This LED work light won’t allow transport or change the job site easily.

4. Coquimbo LED Work Light

This Coquimbo LED Work Light will be a superb purchase for a small welding shop or emergency welding job. Furthermore, if you need something to light up a tight corner so you can weld comfortably, you can still try this work.

This work light is available at a low cost while covering almost all the superb features needed to weld efficiently. With a compact design, this work light includes three lighting modes and it is foldable and rotatable.
The magnet of this pocket light is slightly weak and its charging port may cause you trouble.

Highlight features

• This work light comes with 3 lighting modes, so the welder can adjust the brightness based on the requirements.
• With 270° rotatable ability, this work light ensures multi-angle illumination that is suitable for tiny and tight spaces for welding.
• It includes a powerful rechargeable battery that offers up to 4 hours of run time.


This pocket work light has a compact and lightweight design that is also reliable. Plus, it includes a 18650 rechargeable battery and allows you to adjust and rotate it.


should improve the magnet of the work light and the hole in the charging port doesn’t line up with the charge socket.

5. PowerSmith PWL110S Portable Work Light for Welding

Portable Work Light for Welding

This PowerSmith PWL110S Work Light is another versatile, and easy-to-use LED work light on our list. This work light would be a decent option for a welder who is looking for extreme brightness for his small welding site at a low cost. It’s a spotlight LED light with a lumen output of 1, 080, making it ideal for welding in the garage, crawlspace, or working on a car, truck, or RV. This low-cost work light has an Adjustable Extra-Large Metal Hook and a Fully Adjustable 360° Tilting Head, as well as a 2-year warranty.

The negative side of this work is that it may get extremely hot. While some use a light-covered heat design, this one does not.

Highlight features

• An Adjustable Extra-Large Metal Hook’s design makes it suitable for use in a welding garage.
• It comes with a Fully Adjustable 360° Tilting Head that allows the user to position the light exactly where they want it.
• It’s a weatherproof LED work light with an All Metal Welded Stand, making it ideal for rough use.


It’s a low-cost work light that is compact, flexible, and effortless to use. Furthermore, it comes with a metal stand and a bright light.


The light may get extremely hot and its cord is a heavyweight.

6. FREELICHT Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

This FREELICHT Work Light will be the best work light for large and commercial welding workshops. It’s a Top-Rated Linkable LED Utility Shop Light with 4000 lemons, which is enough for any size welding shop or industry.

More importantly, it will let the welder connect 4 LED shop lights to save the energy of the workspace or welding shop. Despite reliable 7 * 24-hour customer service, the manufacturer provides a massive 5-year warranty while the item is reasonably priced.

The negative side of this work light is that its power switch is frustrating. The switch for each light is in the middle of the cord and, by turning off the first switch, the other two lights also turn off automatically.

Highlight features

• Offer mounting hardware and an installation guide to help install quickly and easily.
• Allow it to be set up on the surface and hung on the mount for easy access.
• Design to seamlessly connect up to 4 LED work lights together to offer extreme light while saving energy.


This best lighting for welding will be ideal for large and commercial welding workshops while offering 4000 lumens and saving energy. It also comes with an installation guide, accessories, and a 5-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.


Someone receives the work light with a bad switch that causes arcing sounds and flickers.

7. HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light for Welding

THIS HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light will be the best work light for welding stations where you need extreme brightness. With 21,000 lumens, this work light will offer industry-leading illumination, making it the highest-performing light in the industry. An appealing feature is the optional reflector cover, which provides up to 20% more light! It means buying this LED work light will have to ensure all the bright light at your welding shop. Moreover, it causes considerably affordable cost while offering an unbelievable 5-year warranty.

The downside of this work light is that you may have to run a low voltage trigger wire to use the dimmer function.

Highlight features

• To ensure a safe and perfect installation, this work light comes with a Safety Rope, a 5-foot power cord, and an American hook.
• The manufacturer provides a 110V standard American plug to save time and energy on the welding project.
• With a water-resistant and dustproof design, it’s the toughest and most versatile light.


Available at an affordable price, this work light comes with a strong and durable design. Besides, its lightweight, low profile, and stylish look will boost the beauty of the welding workplace.


should have a longer cord so that you can use them more easily

8. ELIVERN LED Garage Lights for Welding Workshop

Following that are the ELIVERN LED Garage Lights, which have 10000 Lumens lights with a ceiling style. Thus, if you need something that fits into your budget as well as a small and medium welding shop, don’t be afraid to try this item.

The manufacturer amazingly designed this work light with four adjustable aluminum heads. The feature will not only ensure faster heat dissipation, but also a long-lasting service. Finally, this item will be beginner-friendly work light as it’s so easy to install that not need any tools and wire.

The downside to this work light is that its durability is questionable, but it is still excellent for the price.

Highlight features

• With a lumen output of 10000, this work light will provide energy-saving, super-bright illumination.
• It offers a 360° maximum coverage angle, so the welder can have a wider range of illumination.
• design with adjustable aluminum LED heads that can be folded up to 90 degrees for the desired illumination.


It’s a budget-friendly work light that is easy to use and install. Furthermore, the light provides an extremely bright light for a medium-sized welding shop, as well as an adjustable and foldable aluminum head.


Some complain that each panel starts to die after 6 months of use.

9. DEWALT LED Work Light

This DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light will be the most portable work light for busy welders. It’s all-around portable design make it suitable for any welding site where often need to weld different spot. The manufacturer design this work light with freestanding that will let the welder keep it close to the welded place and carry site to site conveniently. Apart from these, its dust and weather-resistant design will keep it clean and ready to use for tough conditions.

The error side of this work light is it won’t be a good option for working on light rain or snow. So you may need an umbrella separately to work under those weather.

Highlight features

• It’s a cordless LED work light that is suitable for a busy welding project.
• With powerful and efficient LED technology, this work light will provide up to 5000 lumens of natural white light.
• This is impact resistant body and has a 3-year limited warranty, it will be a long-lasting addition to any job site.


With portable design and rechargeable ability, this work light will offer white bright light all around the welding site. Besides its durable construction and unique look will impress any welder.


Despite the expensive cost, this work light won’t be a suitable item to work under rain and snow.

10. Steck Manufacturing Mig Light for Welding

The last recommendation for the best work light for welding on our list is the Steck Manufacturing Mig Light. This item is extremely convenient to use while allowing us to light up the area to be welded. It’s a LED light attachment for a MIG Torch that can be adjusted for precise illumination. With a large diameter, this mig light can be turned off and on easily using the power button.

Though the light will be superb for the close-up job, it isn’t a good choice for using it more often.

Highlight features

• This light is ideal for use as an auto-darkening helmet light, making it the best welding helmet light
• It has an easy-to-use “on/off” button that allows us to use it quickly.
• This MIG light is an excellent source of illumination when working on a large, commercial welding project that requires you to weld in a variety of locations regularly.


It’s a superb quality light and great for beginners and DIY welders. Furthermore, it illuminates the working area nicely.


The flexible rubber part of the bottom is of average quality.

Best Work Light For Welding- Buyer’s guide

Even though there are lots of variations and brands out there, there are some key factors that you should keep in mind while looking for a work light. Considering these features will lead you to the right work light for your welding project:

LED Lights

The LED light is the most crucial feature to check when it is subject to welding. While regular bulbs waste 80% more energy, the LED bulb will be a money-saving option to have the same brightness. As a result, we compiled a list of items that contain LED bulbs. Furthermore, unlike a regular bulb, an LED light does not generate much heat, making it an excellent choice for use in areas where arc heat is already present.


A lumen stands for the amount of brightness. A common rule is that you need 100 lumens per square foot for lighting. Choose a work light that has around 300 Lumens per square foot so you can weld comfortably.

Type Of Work

Determining the exact type of work light is vital. Various types of work lights available are appropriate for various situations. While some work lights are ideal for improving the lighting in the shop, others are useful for fieldwork. A portable work light would be a better choice for welding.

Is it a cord or a battery?

If you have to weld often at construction sites, then go for a corded working light. You will even find it beneficial to work consistently because there are power outlets everywhere.

Conversely, a battery-powered work light would be suitable for welding outside and for emergencies anywhere.

Final words

Now you have some pieces of the best work light for welding from where you can choose the desired work light for welding. We have covered this recommendation list with different designs, styles, capabilities, and price ranges, so a welder can pick the most preferable one based on his requirements. However, all are easy to use and install and offer reliable service. Our top pick is the LUTEC 6290Pro Dual-Head LED Work Light for Welding.

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