Top 10 Pipeline Welding Machines Review In 2021

The pipeline is one of the modern world’s foundations because it is the primary mode of transport for gas, oil, and water. While the responsibility for this metal is huge, the building and maintenance process of such transport is also challenging.

With due respect, welding a pipeline properly depends on the hand skills of a welder as well as using the best pipeline welding machine. So if you are a welder or a contractor in search of the right welding machine for pipeline welding, keep reading the article.

When it comes to welding pipelines, a welding machine should be suitable for working in the desert or on the beach. Besides, it should offer extreme power continuously, while a welder may need to run multiple types of equipment along with a welding machine. The journey of choosing the best welding machine can be tricker when it is related to a large amount.

Fortunately, after extensive research, we developed a shortlist of welding machines that meet almost all of the specification requirements for the pipeline project and are available in a variety of price ranges. The intention is to help the welder pick the right equipment for a certain job that will be well worth the money.

Top 10 pipeline welding machine- comparison table

Image Product Key Features  Price
backpac Ranger Engine Driven Welder • Totally enclosed case.
• Includes Painted roof, case sides, and engine doors.
• 100% at 250 amps duty cycle.
• 23 Horsepower air-cooled Engine.
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backpac INTBUYING Welding Machine • high-quality Aluminum casting.
• fit for PP and PE pipes and fittings.
• allow to weld a pipe with 2.48″ to 6.30″ dia.
• affordable price.
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cordlessblower Lincoln Ranger 305 Multiprocess DC Welder • Skewed rotor design.
• Includes Downhill pipe welding mod.
• includes Lincoln’s Chopper Technology.
• 100% at 305 amps duty cycle.
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cordlessblower Bobcat 250Engine Driven Welder • Great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding.
• Ensure Quieter and better sound.
• 60% at 250 amps duty cycle.
• 12-gallon fuel tank.
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cordlessblower Champion Elite 225 Pipeline Welding Machine • Includes 11,000-watt generator.
• Easy to set up and start welding.
• Auto Idle feature to reduce noise.
• Has a 12-gallon fuel tank.
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cordlessblower PipePro Multi-Process Engine Driven Welder • Can be run by both electric or diesel input.
• Less space-consuming.
• 12000watts of the power generator.
• Low noise operations.
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cordlessblower Lincoln Ranger 22 Engine Driven Welder • 10,500 Watts peak generator power.
• flux-core, MIG, and TIG welding capable.
• completely enclosed case.
• Comes with overhead valve air-cooled design.
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cordlessblower Miller XMT 304 Multiprocess Welder • Comes with large dual digital meters.
• Uses inverter arc control technology.
• 60% at 300 amps duty cycle.
• 300 amps max output power.
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cordlessblower Miller Trailblazer 302 Engine-Driven Welder • Has side and top access doors.
• Can be used with a plasma cutter.
• 60% at 200 amps duty cycle.
• 13000 watts generator power output.
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cordlessblower Forney 120V Easy Welder • It has infinite voltage and wire feed speed control.
• suitable to weld mild steel up to 1/4 in the plate.
• easy to carry and maintain.
• All metal cases.
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1. Ranger Engine Driven Welder

Ranger Engine Driven Welder

This Rangers Engine Driven Welder from Lincoln is our favorite option for the best pipeline welding machine. Designed with a completely enclosed case, this welding machine will remain protected from any rough environment.

It means the welder won’t have to worry about working outside if such a welding machine is available in the store. Moreover, it’s a lightweight welder machine that will let the welder carry from joint to joint more conveniently the pipeline project. Most importantly, this welder can weld a 3/16″ pipe using a carbon electrode.
This machine has a 100% duty cycle, a rated output of 250A, and it is reasonably priced.

Highlight features

• It can be used as an AC generator, making it ideal for high-capacity applications such as pipelines and welding.
• Design with case sides Painted roof, case sides, and engine doors to ensure convenient use.
• This welding machine comes with a fully enclosed case in its current configuration for added safety.


It’s an all-in-one welding machine, appropriate for a range of applications. Besides, its heavy-duty and user-friendly design will ensure reliable service.



2. INTBUYING Welding Machine

INTBUYING Welding Machine

This INTBUYING manual welding machine is included in our list of two types of welders. One is a good customer and the other needs a welding machine for a lighter project. This cheaper welding machine is fit for welding PP and PE pipes and fittings. This lightweight and portable welding machine, made of high-quality aluminum casting, will be a useful addition both on the Jobsite and in the factory. Furthermore, you can rely on this one to weld DIA PE, PP, PVDF, and PPR between 2.4 “8 and 6.30”.

Highlight features

• It is made of high-quality aluminum casting, making the welder’s machine lightweight while still performing well.
• It’s a manual-operated HDPE butt fusion welder machine, ideal for PP and PE pipes and fittings.
• Because of its lightweight design and low cost, this welding machine is ideal for smaller pipeline projects.


This manual welding machine is appropriate for welding different types of pipelines with
Diameters range from 2.48″ to 6.30″Plus, it’s a lightweight and strong design tool, ideal for both personal projects and commercial use.


It may not be ideal for heavy-duty use.

3. Lincoln Ranger 305 Multiprocess DC Welder

Lincoln Ranger 305 Multiprocess DC Welder

If you need a heavy-duty welding machine for any type of tough welding, use this Lincoln Electric Ranger Multiprocess DC Welder. Designed with Lincoln’s Chopper Technology, this welding machine will be suitable for any type of welding, including TIG, wire, and pipe. This pipeline welding machine comes with an extremely powerful motor that can produce 9500 Watts of continuous power needed to run multiple types of equipment, including power tools, grinding, and light, in a large project.

With 100% Duty Cycle, this welding machine includes 10,500 Surge Watts Welding Amperage Range 305 A.

Highlight features

• It’s a simple to use, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing welding machine.
• This welding machine is capable of welding a variety of metals, including pipelines, stainless steel, and cast iron.
• Because of its skewed rotor design, the machine is suitable for running the Lincoln inverter power sources.


It’s a smooth, low spatter, and excellent bead appearance welding machine ideal for a wide range of applications.


This welding machine is available at an expensive price and is most appropriate for a large project.

4. Bobcat 250Engine Driven Welder

Bobcat 250Engine Driven Welder

This Bobcat 250 Engine Driven Welder has a slew of impressive features that compelled us to include it on our list when considering a new pipeline. To begin with, this engine-driven welding machine produces an extremely bright weld. The machine has continuous auxiliary power, allowing it to weld straight down without having to move from left to right.

Attractive thing is that it may cost a bit to have such a giant welding machine for the pipeline, but gradually it will turn into a money-saving option thanks to its 100% duty cycle. Moreover, this welding machine is easier to start and offers a quieter working environment. Thus, it could be a well-appreciated addition to any pipeline welding project.

Highlight features

• For the pipeline project, stick and flux-cored welding designs are being considered.
• Offer a safer and quieter welding environment.
• It’s a powerful welding machine that is convenient to use.


With higher rated output and a superior duty cycle, this welding machine will ensure the continuous auxiliary power needed for the welding pipeline.


The machine can get hot when used for a longer time.

5. Champion Elite 225 Pipeline Welding Machine

Champion Elite 225 Pipeline Welding Machine

This Hobart Champion Elite Welder will be a long-lasting addition to any extreme job site, including a pipeline project. The welding machine features a 12-gallon fuel tank and a low oil pressure shutdown system. Combining these features will offer a longer and safer runtime while keeping the machine safe from being automatically turned off due to low oil pressure.

This power equipment is specifically designed for stick welding and will be useful in construction, farms, and emergency power applications. Another impressive thing is that this welding machine allows us to weld heavily while running other power tools like lights and grinders, thanks to its 11,000-watt generator.

Highlight features

• It includes a 12-gallon fuel tank to offer a long operation before refueling.
• This welding machine is easy to install and start.
• The welding machine’s advanced design not only decreases noise but also saves fuel.


This welding machine starts quickly and offers a longer power constant to weld and run through other equipment continuously.


The shipping service is not pleasant.

6. PipePro Multi-Process Engine Driven Welder

PipePro Multi-Process Engine Driven Welder

This Miller Electric PipePro Multi-Process Engine Driven Welder is another best pipeline welding machine available on the market. Especially It’s a diesel engine-driven Multi-Process welding machine that has a max of 230 Volts to offer the significant power needed to weld the pipeline.

A cross-country pipeliner or mechanical contractor who needs a compact, quiet, and extremely powerful welding machine for pipeline or other variety of applications, can consider this item. With the Dual Power option, this welding machine can be run on both engine and electric power, resulting in a 12000 Watt Auxiliary Power. This welding machine is amazing because it can be started easily yet in cold endure.

Highlight features

• It gives you complete control over the beads and hot passes.
• The design is compact and fits into a standard pickup truck, making it more portable.
• It comes with a dual digital weld ammeter and a voltmeter that can be customized for different applications.


This compact-designed welding machine is suitable for busy contractors. Besides, it offers low noise operation and is workable with different metals to weld.


Require a truck to transport.

7. Lincoln Ranger 22 Engine Driven Welder

Lincoln Ranger 22 Engine Driven Welder

If you are looking for a welding machine for MIG, flux-core, and TIG welding, this Lincoln Electric Engine Driven Welder won’t disappoint you. Because of its 10,500 Watt peak generator, this welding machine can handle a wide range of welding tasks, including pipeline welding.

Moreover, this welding machine can deliver the smooth DC welding output needed for the welding pipeline. An attractive feature includes a completely enclosed case with three service access doors. This feature makes this device suitable for use in harsh environments and aids in the maintenance of the tool for long-term service.

Highlight features

• This welding machine can weld a variety of materials, including pipelines, steel, and stainless steel.
• With an overhead valve air-cooled design and a 4-cycle engine, this welding machine won’t get hot easily.
• Constructed to deliver 9000 Watts of continuous power and a 100% duty cycle, making it ideal for a different type of pipeline welding.


This welding machine is top-notch with its powerful and long-lasting performance. Besides, it’s easy to maintain a device that is ideal for a different type of welding.


It is more difficult to transport them from one location to another.

8. Miller XMT 304 Multiprocess Welder

Miller XMT 304 Multiprocess Welder

This Miller XMT 304 Multiprocess Welder is an Inverter-based high-end welding machine available on the market. With 292 pounds weight, it’s quite a lightweight welding machine comparing other products on our list, thanks to its aluminum housing.

The machine comes with a dual power outlet that can be plugged into either a 230v or a 460-volt. That means the welding machine can offer considerable power. An impressive feature includes inverter arc control technology that ensures improved puddle control while using the 6010 electrodes. Moreover, its large dual digital meters will let the welder view the data easily.

Highlight features

• Design with an auto-link feature that allows the voltage to match up with the power source automatically.
• Due to its lift-arc feature, the potential for contaminating the tungsten rod will be reduced.
• It’s a power-saving welding machine that comes with a fan-on-demand feature.


With a 60% duty cycle and a maximum output power of 300 amps, this welding machine is an important piece of equipment for the pipeline project.


It necessitates the use of high-powered power outlets.

9. Miller Trailblazer 302 Engine-Driven Welder

Miller Trailblazer 302 Engine-Driven Welder

This Miller Trailblazer 302 Engine-Driven Welder is another trustworthy addition to our list that is suitable for heavy-duty welding projects. It comes in a pack with an air compressor, a generator, and a welder to help complete the welding task conveniently. With a max of 13,000 watts of power, this welding machine can cut through 5/8 inch mild steel, resulting in it being ideal for the pipeline project.

Furthermore, thanks to its 350 amp power output, its engine-driven welder allows for the use of various welding processes such as TIG, MIG, flux-cored, and stick welding. Another attractive feature includes lifting arc technology, so it can reduce the chances of the tungsten rod during TIG welding.

Highlight features

• With a powerful outlet, this welding machine allows for the use of various welding methods as needed.
• It includes plenty of quality accessories that help maintain quality welding while reducing fuel consumption.
• Design with built-in access doors on both sides to ensure airflow and simplify maintenance.


This compact welding machine includes a plasma cutter and plenty of accessories. Besides a quality machine that allows joining thicker.


It’s a quite pricy option and a bit heavier

10. Forney 120V Easy Welder

Forney 120V Easy Welder

The last recommendation on our list is the Forney Easy welder. Following the title tag, this welding machine is extremely easy to use, whatever it is, like joining a pipeline or welding different types of metal. In particular, it’s an appropriate welding machine for entry-level welders, since this welding machine is available at a cheap price and allows them to practice effortlessly.

It’s a powerful welding machine with a 140 Amp output that can be used to weld mild steel up to 1/4 of the plate. With a lightweight design, this welding machine can be maintained, carried, and repaired conveniently.

Highlight features

• This welding machine is big enough to handle up to 10-pound rolls of wire.
• It comes with a plethora of weld-related accessories.
• It’s an extremely portable welding machine that is powerful enough to maintain quality welding.


This welding machine is less expensive, but it includes a plethora of accessories and features that make it ideal for beginning welders.


Adjusting the voltage and wire speed may cause a problem.

Features to Look for in a Pipeline Welding Machine

Output Power

Keep the varying thickness of pipelines in mind so you get a welder that produces enough power for a range of operations.

Whereas a welding machine with 120 to 140 amperes power can be considerable for domestic purposes, you will need 200A to 300A amperes power for more demanding projects. Pick a welding machine with a range of outputs.

While welding machines are mostly used outside, they require a dependable power source. Many pipeline welders come with an inbuilt generator to handle the machine’s operations for a long time.

Duty Cycle

It is the percentage of producing current in a given minute. For example, how much particular current a welding machine can produce within 10 minutes without overheating is called a duty circle.

A welding machine rated at 150A and with a duty cycle of 70% needs at least 3 minutes of rest after welding continuously for up to 7 minutes at 150A. Usually, a lower amperage welder offers a higher duty cycle. Thus, having 100A will let you enjoy an 85% duty cycle. Choose a welding machine that provides a large duty cycle for a certain power output you need for the task. Some professional-grade welding machines offer a 100% duty cycle for output.


The required welding technologies depend on the different thicknesses and materials of the pipelines. The most common techniques are Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, and TIG welding.
While MIG welding is better for thicker and larger pipes, TIG is ideal for thinner pipes and lighter projects. However, it is recommended to choose a welding machine that can handle any type of pipe welding project without considering pipe thickness and the scale of the project.


When it comes to a powerful device like a welding machine, it is vital to keep its safety features in mind. Surge protection is among the unavoidable safety features. Besides, the recommended safety level is between 20% and 25%.


Pipeline welding is a type of highly portable job which is related to lots of dragging and traveling with welding equipment. Thus, it is better to have an easy-to-move machine for any type of pipeline welding project. A portable welding machine should be convenient, lightweight, and should have the ability to withstand tough environments.

As a pipeline welder, the following safety tools should not be overlooked:

Obviously, the pipeline welding machine is the main tool for a welder. Despite the pipeline, the welder should have a couple of things to complete the task safely and properly. They are:

Welding glasses

This gear is mostly used for oxyacetylene and autogenous welding. During the welding of the pipeline at extremely high temperatures, the generating plasma emits ultraviolet rays that are extremely harmful to the eyes.

A welding goggle effectively protects from such a situation and only leaves the light intensity required to see the work.

Welding masks

It’s another must-have gear for a pipeline welder. A welding mask not only protects the eyes, but also the entire area of the face. One can increase its effectiveness by using the sun. If the light is dark, the mask won’t offer better protection.

Gloves for the pipeline

The glove is yet another piece of protective equipment for the welder, as it protects against any hot slime. It also protects against the heat released by the electrode or the torch.


An apron greatly protects the welder’s body against splashes. Moreover, it includes front pockets that allow storage of some necessities required for the welding pipeline.

Other accessories you will require are:

• The Gas filter
• Metallic brush or card
• Hammer
• Welding tables

Some common mistakes that welders should avoid while pipeline welding:

• Many welders don’t prepare the weld surface, which leads to slag entrapment. Besides, due to the lack of fusion, a welder may have weaker welds and defects.

• If the welder doesn’t joint alignment properly on the weld surface, it can lead to a weaker structure and a poor-looking finish.

• The welder doesn’t get enough preparation for joining. Different welding processes necessitate a distinct joining method.

• Shielding gas is used by some welders because they believe it is better for welding, but it should be avoided.


What size welder is ideal for pipeline use?

For home use, a welder with a power range of 120 to 140 amps is adequate. But if you need to weld continuously for larger projects like pipeline use, then you should get a welder with at least 180 amps.
Is pipeline welding promoted as a superior carrier?

Compared to other practical jobs, welding offers a healthier and more stable career. A pipeline welder can earn between $36 and $52 per hour in arms pay, $15 to $25 per hour in truck pay, and between $100 and $150 per diem.

What’s the highest-paid welding job?

Some of the highest paying welding jobs are:

• Pipe welder: $24.50 per hour
• Structural welder: $20.55 per hour
• Welder/fitter: $19.25 per hour
• Welder: $17.90 per hour
• Fabricator/welder: $17.76 per hour
• MIG welder: $16.24 per hour
• Welder helper: $13.53 per hour

Final words

The risk and demand related to pipeline welding make it only workable for licensed welders. Undoubtedly, pipeline welding is the highest paying gig among the different types of welding jobs. As a result, the welder needed to get the best pipeline welding machine with a lot of power to tackle the challenge, which was not a cost-effective investment. Fortunately, you now have some of the best places to find the right welding machine for the pipeline.

Most importantly, the welding machines we reviewed above are priced differently due to their different specifications, but they are all the best in their class. However, if you are a professional welder or contractor, do not compromise the quality of the welding machine due to cost, as quality welding machines are an investment that will last a lifetime.

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