What Everybody Ought to Know About Powcon Welders In 2021

People invented many welding methods and advanced equipment to make welding more comfortable for them. Powcon welders are such inventions that you can use in each form.

You can consider it the latest addition in the welding field because it was invented in the late ’70s or the early ’80s. No matter which welding sector you’ve mastered, you can make fair use of it.

If you want to use these welders, you have to know its parts, operating system, the best welders’ models, the repair system, etc.

Find out the Powcon Welder Parts

Some welding machines by PowCon are remote-controlled, and some are torch head; moreover, their inverters also vary. Some of the inverter’s design types are transformer or rectifier.

Most of them are pre-settable, nonconductive, and shock-resistant; you can use them for different metal welding. The PowCon doesn’t provide only welders, but it supplies a water cooler, torch, and foot pedal with them. The necessary parts list PowCon Welders is given bellow:

  • A wire feeder
  • A spool gun
  • A fuse socket
  • An inverter with electricity supply
  • A water cooler (if it’s a TIG welder.)

What are the PowCon Problems You Face?

Well, the welders from PowCon are well-equipped, but they have some problems or disadvantages too. Let’s see all the possible issues with PowCon.

  • It may run slow and show some problems with arc welding, especially the PowCon 200SM.
  • Sometimes, your welder, may not have a puddle control; it may also contain a single-phase only.
  • Its wire may sometimes get loose; it doesn’t provide the excellent service that it should do. That’s why the manufacturers tried to improve the quality and reduced the price.
  • Anyway, the power control pot’s shape may be defective that creates a hindrance to your welding.
  • The welders from PowCon sometimes may not be appropriate for stick welding or flux core welding.

How to Repair PowCon Welder at Home?

  • If your welder is not working correctly, you may replace the inner parts like the board; remove the screws and bunch of wires carefully.
  • After attaching the new board, arrange the wires and screws in their respective places, and go for a test run.
  • You may find problems in other parts like a cooler, feeder, puddles, etc. You should look for the shops that sell separate parts from PowCon or Miller and replace them.
  • If your welding machine’s inverter or engine drive has some issue, you should call an engineer from a trusted company to fix that.

  • However, your machine sometimes may not work due to improper power supply; change the current supply mode if necessary.
  • Change the fuse, rectifier, or transformer; set the correct voltage and amperes so that your welder runs well.

PowCon welder repair is pretty accessible for us unless the problem is significant and needs an engineer to sort out that. For instance, you may change the capacitor instead of the exhauster fan of PowCon 300SM.

Learn about PowCon MIG Welder 

You can use the MIG welder from PowCon to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. If you want a high-quality MIG welder, you may get one from PowCon; 

Its notable parts are a MIG welder torch head, gas regulator, a spool gun, a weld control box, and a set of arc welding leads. 

The prime advantage PowCon will provide you is that you can buy their products in the due payment and have 5-business days to pay. Moreover, you may replace a defective item within 10 days.

Some PowCon Welder for Sale

Some PowCon welders are outdated, and the manufacturers have stopped their productions, but some models are still famous.

  • PowCon 200SM Inverter Welder.
  • PowCon 225SMC Welder
  • PowCon 300ST Welder
  • PowCon 630SMP Double Voltage Welder
  • PowCon 400SMT Welder

These are the top-selling models from PowCon welders, but you may buy other models if you want. Remember, you should check the features and basics of the welder you wish to purchase. 

Find out the purpose first; you may then look for the welder that completes most of your requirements. After that, you can buy your desired PowCon welding machine from an authentic dealer.

What Is the Best Welder for Welding Aluminum: Find out

PowCon 300SM and 400SM used to weld aluminum entirely and didn’t give anyone the chance to complain. As time passed, they lost their market, and their production also reduced.

Those who bought durable PowCon welders and using till now are getting good service. Anyway, some other brands also provide well-equipped aluminum welder; here’s the list:

  • AHP Alpha 200Amp TIG welder
  • Hobart Handler 210 MVP Double Voltage MIG Welder
  • Millermatic 350P Aluminum Series Flux Core- MIG Welder
  • LOTOS TIG 200A AC/DC TIG Welder

Do You Know What Is the Best Welder for Bodywork?

PowCon 630SMP dual voltage (230/460) welder is the best for bodywork, including car welding. You will always need a sophisticated welder to complete bodywork; an ordinary one is not sufficient.

However, some welders from the Miller and Hobart brands have the same features as PowCon 630SMP. If you don’t own a PowCon welder, you may choose any of the substitutes.

What Is the Most Versatile Welder? Get Introduced

You may want a versatile welder to fulfill your maximum purposes, such as underwater, pipelines, industrial, military support, etc. Much to your surprise, the PowCon TIG welder is the most versatile one.

That’s why PowCon TIG welder has more popularity than the MIG welders despite being harder to use.


PowCon started well, but unfortunately, it couldn’t continue the legacy; moreover, the powcon welders lagged behind other welding brands. Only a few models from PowCon are competitive in the market.

If you’re a PowCon lover, you may get one for you; I would suggest keeping it as a home appliance, not for commercial uses. Another tip for you is, check manually before buying a welder rather than buying online.

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